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Kat has a variety of Massage techniques depending on your animal's needs: Myofascial release, sports massage, kinesiology taping, IASTM, orthobionomy.

Maintenance Massage 
Massage for maintaining the musculature of the healthy horse and dog. 
Ideal for all disciplines of working, companion and geriatric dogs and horses.

Performance Massage
Directed at the horse or dog in competitive training; by optimizes current
performance and assists in reaching the next level of fitness. Ideal for 
show horses and dogs in training and horses transitioning from one 
discipline to another.

Pre-event Massage
A stimulating massage to warm up muscles, the nervous system, increase
circulation throughout the body, followed by a complete stretch of the animal’s neck, forelegs, and hindquarters.

Post-event Massage
The goal is to return stressed muscles to their original length, and help the body eliminate lactic acid to prevent undue soreness.

Rehabilitation Massage
For the animal suffering from a recent injury or illness, chronic debilitated state or post surgical recovery. Hospitalized, stall or confined rest, lay-ups or nutritionally debilitated animals. Treatment plan should involve discussions with a veterinarian to ensure optimal recovery.