"Kat has been working with our young 3 Day Eventing Thoroughbred, Stanley, for three years.  Pre or post shows, Kat is our "go-to" to get Stanley back to a level of comfort and ready for the next challenge.  Her ability to isolate trouble areas are very accurate. Vets and chiropractors routinely validate her findings.  She always accommodates our schedule requirements, and her arrival times are punctual.  I personally like her follow-up.  Kat plays a key role on "Team Stanley"."
Larry Stevenson


“Kat works on Frontec about once a week and it makes all the difference. He’s been doing the jumpers for 15 years. Adding massage into his maintenance has kept him jumping in the low AA’s... and winning! And Frontec just loves it. Kat will you work on me???”   
Jenny Harris and Frontec

Kat offers her services throughout Oregon and Northern California. Contact Us to learn more and schedule an appointment. 

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“Goldie, our 19-year-old QH mix was sway backed, had difficulty bending her neck, and had a weakened hind end. Goldie relaxed for Kat on her first visit and was immediately more comfortable. Within a few months her back had risen, her hindquarters and abdominals were stronger, and she could again bend her neck. Less than 6 months later,  now Goldie can be ridden without pain.”  
Mary Maguire

“Kat has been working on two of our four dogs regularly. Sometimes she works on all four of them. With Kat's knowledge of anatomy and physiology she can explain why an area is sore and what we can do to make the quality of life better for our dogs. We like this. Kat has made a huge difference in our pug/boxer mix. He recovers from a long walk in a matter of hours now - not days. Our basset has benefited also from regular body work. With body work from Kat  on an ongoing schedule we have been able to reduce significantly the amount of anti inflammatory  drugs she takes. We like this enormously. Kat is good at what she does. She is both knowledgeable and intuitive. A great combination in this field. 

On a personal level Kat is great person. Positive and direct. We feel lucky to have Kat on board.”

Sue Cristler Connie Newhall and Ben, Cookie, Ted and Sam

“Our horses love Kat!  She is an experienced, loving practitioner who helps keep our equine athletes in top condition.  She is generous with her time and sends a thorough written report.  I recommend adding Kat to your team.”
Susan Allison

“Your care and magic fingers have helped Matisse immensely! He is more willing to lift and open his shoulders, as well as come up more easily in his back. His adjustments are minimal and his
chiropractor is very impressed.”

Karen Melchers

"My dogs and horse love Kat's gentle and healing touch. They not only benefit from their sessions with Kat but the level of relaxation that they attain when Kat's working on them and afterward is amazing. Kat's intuition combined with her knowledge of bodywork allows her to zone in on the problem areas and treat them accordingly. I recommend Kat to all of my friends with companion animals."
April Nockleby